“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” Rumi

Coaching with me is about exploration and reconnecting with your true nature.  Together we will understand the things that are not working in your life and you’ll have clarity about what’s going on in order for change to take place.

We are often limited by our believed identity and this can create blocks in our lives, a narrow perspective on what is possible and unnecessary struggle and resistance to the flow of life.  Through this inquiry and connection to who you truly are, you create unlimited possibilities, knowing that you are unstoppable!

I create coaching programmes to suit each person, so if you’d like to explore coaching with me, please get in touch to arrange a chemistry session - hello@imagineif.love.  


“I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted, I started giving it to myself” 
Byron Katie

coaching testimonials:


Pauline has made such a difference to my life.  She is a very skilled listener and naturally intuitive, picking up on what appear to be insignificant details, but are often clues to identifying an underlying issue or the key to releasing a block.  Her coaching has helped me to understand myself better and start to recognise who I really am. I thought the real 'me' was lost forever under many layers of conditioning, but since working with Pauline I've had glimpses of my true self and I feel lighter, happier and free.  It's been an amazing journey already and it's only been a few months. I would recommend Pauline to anyone.

Helen, Leicestershire

When I met Pauline I had already been in senior management roles for 25 years. I considered myself experienced and knowledgeable. Indeed, I had attended several top management schools. It was much to my surprise therefore when shortly in to my first session with Pauline I felt challenged and even slightly uncomfortable! But I soon found our sessions incredibly enlightening. Pauline helped me recognise and deal with some very deep seated issues using techniques I had never been exposed to previously. I cannot recommend Pauline highly enough, especially if you think you’ve done it all before!

Chris Paxford


I have discovered much about myself as part of the coaching process and find that enables me to be more focused on the positives and the outcomes required in each situation and allows me switch off the white noise that continually surrounds us. The coaching has helped with everything from self awareness through to people management and the soft skills that accompany management level positions. The questioning and challenging of myself and others around me that is integral to the coaching has allowed me to understand my own motivation and develop a coherent direction of travel in my career progression.

Sara, National Sector Lead for Consultancy Practice


I had some experience of receiving coaching a number of years ago and found it to be a useful tool to help me make sense of conflicting pressures within my life and work. However, when Pauline entered my life, I found a new level of self-insight and ability to self-care that has genuinely changed my life. Pauline's coaching is still very much about addressing the imbalances in life, but starts with the self, and has helped me build a resilience and a clarity when faced with those external pressures that seem to be all consuming. This is true whether it be in work, life, or relationships. It has not been 'taught', it has been 'discovered'. I now know that I have the capacity to share this with others, and in a growing way coach them also. Pauline's care, focus and love for this are the forces that help her skills to be applied so effectively and continue to give me strength and clarity in my life.

Simon Morris, Director


Working with Pauline has been empowering and rewarding. She helps explore motivations and beliefs that influence your behaviour and experience of life. Creating a safe space for you to speak openly and without fear of judgement, Pauline helps draw out the happiest, most authentic and fulfilled you.

Rebecca, London


Working with Pauline has truly helped set my life on a new course.  She provides an incredibly kind and safe space in which to explore difficult areas which may be keeping you stuck, and really helps you engage in a gentle but completely honest way.  She couples this with an uncanny emotional intelligence which enables her to provide you with unique views and insights on your issues. This really enables you to put a framework over and draw a line under the things you may have felt were problems, and move on with your life, feeling happier, lighter and free.

Natasha Ullah, Coach


The coaching I received from Pauline was thought provoking and fun, we laughed a lot and even cried too. She made me look at my issues in a different way and made me realise which were important and which weren't. I feel that I now have a better sense of "me" and I try to put what I leant in these sessions into practice in my working and personal life . Thanks Pauline...

Ann, Nottingham


I have had the benefit and privilege of working with Pauline as a coach and mentor for the past 2 years. I have found these sessions to be invaluable for me both professionally and personally, the sessions have enabled me to put some real perspective and focus on my  own professional development as well as the psychological benefit of having a brilliant sounding board and non-judgemental advisor in both work and life's trials and tribulations!

Pauline's influence has proved hugely positive on me and helped me in a number of ways in providing a clear direction for my focus and efforts and advice on both specific day to day challenges and more generally in dealing with life. Her professional approach, obvious knowledge and skill in what she does as well as a great personality and sense of humour have been a breath of fresh air

Ned Roberts, Director


Pauline has been a major positive force since she has come into my life, allowing me to see things from a new perspective and helping me on my pat to be the best version of myself that I can be.

James, Hertfordshire


I started having coaching sessions with Pauline during a difficult time in my life, where elements of both my professional and personal life were out of my control. Pauline was a wonderful empathetic listener, who was able to help me negotiate barriers - both mental and physical. With Pauline's help, I could analyse what was important to me and get clarity on where to focus my energy in order to change and grow. Coaching with Pauline was supportive, explorative and fun and I would highly recommend Pauline as a coach.

Jen Spiers, London


Pauline has had a huge impact on my work and personal life. She has taught me to focus on my own wellbeing, be more aware and to stop playing the rescuer role in my interaction with others. The net result has been better work and personal relationships resulting in a dramatic reduction in stress and a much improved level of happiness.

Cain Ullah, CEO, Red Badger


Pauline has been a tremendous help as I have faced several challenges in my professional career.  She has an excellent way of helping you to face your demons and to realise that you can actually overcome them.  This, coupled with her empathy and sense of humour, will make anyone feel comfortable to work with her.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends and colleagues and will no doubt work with her again.

 Carl Pettit, Director


Pauline gave me professional coaching in the workplace. This experience allowed me to reflect on who I was as a person and what was important to me both in work and also in my private life. I believe these experiences have allowed me to move forward in a positive way and they have created a far more fulfilling and balanced environment of work and home life.

Jasper, Director


Working in a high pressurised, male dominated environment Pauline's coaching has helped me address the blockers I had created within myself for approaching senior management and creating professional reputations in this arena. The support to identify and work through issues such as these in a supportive, confidential environment is a unique and liberating experience and one I would 100% recommend.

Beth, Director 

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