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 what is a retreat?

6th, 7th, 8th March 2020: Kent, United Kingdom 

what is a retreat? 

The word ‘retreat’ comes from the latin 'to pull back'. An imagine if… retreat is a space to reconnect with your true nature, and explore what that means in your life. It is a space to be inspired and to learn something new.  Sharing experience, deepening your awareness and understanding of life, and creating unlimited possibilities.

My next retreat will take place in beautiful rural Kent. Over the course of 3 days, I will invite you to explore and reconnect with your true nature - awareness, love and freedom.  This understanding will help you in all areas of your life and relationships. There will also be walks in nature and a daily yoga practice, suitable for all levels, to support and deepen your experience.
Woodland Lodge Kent

stay in a woodland lodge in the beautiful Broome Park, Kent

During this retreat, you’ll have a greater understanding of how all of your thinking creates your experience of life.  We will explore what this means through group discussion and personal reflection.  You may begin to understand the things that don’t feel right and through exploration and questioning, change will start to happen.  You’ll also get an awareness of how your feelings are your barometer and therefore, knowing that all feelings are ok. You may become aware of what’s blocking you and your creativity, from limited to unlimited possibilities and potential.

    Each day we will explore this understanding and discuss, in a safe space, what this means for you, opening up unlimited possibilities.  

    A typical day:

    • Breakfast
    • Morning walk in nature
    • Exploration and discussion with Pauline
    • Yoga
    • Lunch
    • Exploration and discussion with Pauline
    • Personal time for reflection, walking, holistic treatment swimming, tennis or squash
    • Dinner

    Woodland Retreat Kent

    enjoy an alfresco breakfast on your balcony


    The retreat will take place in the beautiful grounds of Broome Park Hotel, on the outskirts of Canterbury, Kent - The Garden of England, where you will stay in gorgeous and peaceful woodland lodges. There is also a gym, swimming pool, tennis and squash courts and large chess and outdoor games.

    There are a wide variety of holistic treatments available at the Holisticentre, which is located close to the woodland lodges, with over 30 practitioners 

    Price - £ 495 per person based on 2 people sharing a room (2 bedrooms in each woodland lodge).  This can be payable in 3 instalments of £150 upon booking, £150 in January and £195 in February. Price includes:

    • Woodland lodge accommodation - 2 nights
    • Meals and snacks (breakfast, lunch & dinner each day)
    • Exploration with Pauline
    • Yoga
    • Broome Park facilities - swimming, gym, squash, tennis 
    £100 supplement for single occupancy of double room

    Each Woodland Lodge consists of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, lounge area and kitchen with washing machine and dryer.

     Discover your Luxury Lodge.

    6th March Arrival 10am
    8th March Depart 4pm

    For more details or to secure your place, please contact

    Click here to see the treatments available at The HolistiCentre.

    imagine if… retreats are for you if you

      • wonder who you really are
      • feel like you’re being held back
      • try to control things or people in your life and you’d like to let it go
      • want to stop taking things personally
      • want to live with more integrity & make decisions with ease and clarity
      • want to be more peaceful and have more balanced relationships with others
      • desire a perfect life
      • want to understand what blocks you from doing things or being more creative

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    “All we are is peace, love and wisdom and the power to create the illusion that we are not.” Jack Pransky

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