My silk face oil is only ever tested on lovely humans. Here's what they've said. Want to leave a review? Get in touch.


"This is a remarkable product.  It’s amazingly light and is so easily absorbed into the skin.  Despite its light texture, a richness is apparent as I develop and progress my massage technique and work the oil.  It’s superb and I’ve observed a firmness and an evenness to my skin tone after just one week.  It smells divine and is rapidly absorbed by my skin, which is a joy and better than oils I’ve used in the past.  I’m totally thrilled with the face oil so much so, I’ve ordered a second bottle for fear of running out!"

♡ Penny, York


“imagine if... face oil is a delight to use, in fact I get excited every time I open the bottle. It feels like silk on my skin and the smell of it makes me feel absolutely fantastic. After only one month of use my Facialist said she'd never seen my skin so hydrated and in such great condition.  I wouldn't use anything else."

♡ Tash, London


“I’ve used a few different oils in the past, but am now a loyal fan. It smells divine and feels so luxurious and nourishing on my skin. I look forward to my nighttime skincare routine now!"

♡ Jane, Haywards Heath


“I've got oily skin and have really struggled to find a good face oil or cream. Since I started using imagine if... I now wake up without a shiny face. I can't believe it! I put a few drops on my face each night before I go to sleep and I'm now totally hooked - it's a real pick me up, in no small part thanks to the amazing smell.”

♡ Tamsin, Barcelona


"I've been using the same brand of Clarins face cream for 25 years! I recently tried the imagine if... face oil instead and am hooked. It smells beautiful, nourishes my skin and lasts all day! My skin feels well hydrated and I'm already noticing a difference in the how clear it looks. I've also noticed that my husband and daughter have been using it!!"

♡ Sam, Croydon


“I absolutely love this product. It not only smells divine but my skin feels wonderful, hydrated and nourished. I’ve used a lot of products over the years and as an aromatherapist I mix up my own facial oil blends, but I highly recommend this beautiful facial oil, I’m hooked.”

♡ Julie, Faversham 


“this is lovely oil, very hydrating for my dry skin which looks brighter as a result, I love the smell too.”

♡ Lisa, Whitstable


“I've been using your product for the last few weeks and it is absolutely fabulous! It’s lovely to use, goes along way so great value, and the smell is just gorgeous. I’ve been using Kiehl's and Elemis for many years and spent a small fortune which I no longer need to do.”

♡ Simon, Surrey


"A beautiful light fragrance, with lovely packaging. I have been using this face oil for two weeks and have been pleasantly surprised by how light and non-greasy it is. It’s easy to apply keeping your hands nicely moisturised too. Quickly absorbed leaving my skin super soft with a healthy looking glow. Has quickly become part of my daily routine." 

♡ Jane, Islington


“O.M.G .... wow what an amazing product. I’ve been using your face oil for a few weeks and the condition of my skin has transformed. Goodbye dry patches, hello smooth even skin texture. Love it .”

♡ Jeremy, Brighton 


"The oil is beautiful. It smells wonderful, it's light, it goes onto the skin really easily and does not make the skin feel greasy.  It’s really nourishing. Even after the first night of using it my skin felt smooth, soft and had a wonderful glow.  Oh and my husband commented on how gorgeous it smelt too. I love it!" 

♡ Emma, Whitstable


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